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Admissions to Main School

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Entry into Reception Class

Applications for places are dealt with by the local authority, Leeds City Council. We have 1 intake per year in the Autumn term and Reception pupils are normally admitted to school in the September following their 4th birthday. Applications for places should be made directly to Leeds City Council and follow the council's admission process. Parents should contact the local authority with any questions or to find out about admission arrangements. Please contact school if you wish to arrange a visit to view school.


Click on the link below to take you to the Leeds Admissions web page.

Leeds Admissions 

Entry into Year 1 to Year 6

Parents of older children who wish to move schools, should complete the In year common preference form to apply to us and other local schools. Applications for admissions to school, other than the entry admission to Reception class can be given directly to school, or to the council.


Nursery Admissions


Our Nursery is a 78 place nursery. Children may start in our Nursery in the term after they are 3 subject to available spaces. Please apply directly to school for a Nursery place or to place your child’s name on the waiting list. Please note that a place in Nursery does not guarantee a place in Reception.

A Nursery Application form may be completed at the school office or can be downloaded using the link below for completion and return to the school office or send to the office email.                                       



 Nursery Application Form




Secondary School Admissions

Click here for the link to the Leeds Secondary School admissions page