Seven Hills Primary School

"A Place Where Everyone is valued"

Whole School Staffing 2020-21



Head Teacher: R. Catherall
Deputy Head: M. Webb

Senior Leadership Team

R.Catherall, M.Webb, H. Robertshaw, S Smith-Holmes, G. Naylor, S. Royston, (CPD), N. Pickersgill, S.White.

Administration Team

H. Robertshaw (Business Manager), A. Nettleton, S. Daly, D. Sadler

Special Educational Needs

G. Naylor

Learning Mentor Team

C. Nicholson, S. Butler, H. Rogers.


Nursery Teachers

K. Earnshaw

Support Staff         

D. Carr J. Dorree C. Seaton, Pat Appleyard 

Reception Teachers



Support Staff




A.Greaves (HLTA)

Year 1 Teachers

A. Kitchen                             

G. Naylor

J. Oldroyd 


Support Staff

L. Cork

R. Leach


V. Whitehurst (HLTA)


Year 2 Teachers

L.. Ryan

S. Royston

Support Staff

L. Hollingworth,



E. Batko (Reading Support)

Year 3 Teachers

A. Rawnsley   

J. McNichol


Support Staff

C. Mabbott

K. Clark 

V. Wilson


Karla Mclaughlin  (Reading Support)

Year 4 Teachers

S. White

N. Pickersgill

Support Staff


S. Redfearn (HLTA)

L. Jay

A. Foley

L Auty

C. Leathley

Year 5 Teachers

E. Kay

I. Fiaz

Support Staff  

A Ibbetson

A. Hickson

S. Smith (Reading Support)


Year 6 Teachers

C. Christmas

G. Whitaker

Support Staff

D. Mellor

S. Smith

N. Oglesby (HLTA)

 Whole School H.L.T.A  (P.E)


 Lunchtime Team

C. O'Hanlon (supervisor),  J. Boczar, J. Mumby, S. Hepworth, A. Leathley, K. Narusiene, C. Stoker, L. Jay, T. Valentine, D. Sadler, J. Sauter-Clow, J Ormond, A Thurtle, O.Beesting, A Foley, K Clarke, A Hickson, C Mclaughlin, A Ibbotson and L Tomkins


School Superintendent: D. Jackson, D. Harrison, A. Fisher, J. Marvell, J. Ingham, K. Narusiene

 Before and After School Club

J. Tingle (Manager),  P. Appleyard, C. O'Hanlon, C. Leathley