Seven Hills Primary School

"A Place Where Everyone is valued"

Proud Morley

The children have researched many aspects of their heritage and Morley history. For instance, they investigated the shield outside the leadership office and their findings were printed in the Yorkshire Evening Post (see British Values for further information). Before being Seven Hills, school was all allotments specialising in the growing of rhubarb. Our children are very proud of our own allotment (The Rhubarb Patch) and love to grow and cook this bitter, sweet vegetable e.g. bake with it. In our geography and history studies, the children learn how we are part of the world famous rhubarb triangle situated between Wakefield, Rothwell and Morley. As part of our studies, we have a structured learning schedule of local visits and visitors. The children enjoy learning about their local heritage and informing others about the history of the Morley area and Morley folk e.g. Beryl Burton.