Seven Hills Primary School

"A Place Where Everyone is valued"

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Here at Seven Hills Primary school through the teaching of Religious Education our children will explore and learn about the different beliefs and practices of people in their communities and around the world. The children will learn about traditional and modern-day religions as well as how different religions are linked through places and people. Through teaching of Religious Education we hope to develop happy, motivated and confident children who show consideration and understanding for others.

As soon as our children start their journey at Seven Hills they will begin to understand how to respect and understand our different cultures and religious beliefs. Through the years spent with us, we encourage all of our children to have a positive self-image. In order to learn, about ourselves and each other we must feel comfortable about who we are as individuals.

Through the teaching of Religious Education in our school we aim to give our pupils:

  • Knowledge about a range of religions and different views.
  • Encouragement to express ideas and give insights about different beliefs and meanings.
  • Time to investigate and respond to different questions about them as individuals and the wider community.


During their time at Seven Hills Primary School children will learn about: The Christian faith, Islamic faith, Hindu faith, Jewish Faith, Buddhism and Sikhism. The lessons will teach children about:

  • Identity and belonging - how we know when someone belongs to a religion.
  • Beliefs and teachings - what religions teach about life and how important events are remembered in ceremonies.
  • Forms of expression - explain the significance of different forms of religion through vocabulary, places and art.
  • Practices and ways of life – learn how different practices and ways of life have been developed by followers of religions and how beliefs have had different effects on individuals, communities and societies

Assemblies are an important time when pupils and teachers are in one place for a shared purpose and communal worship. The purpose to provide the opportunity for young people to consider spiritual and moral issues, to develop community spirit and reinforce positive attitudes”. The children are given the opportunity to learn about different faiths and the important celebrations and stories that are so important within our diverse school.