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 The Provision of P.E. at Seven Hills Primary School

The emphasis in our Physical Education programme is on individual effort and achievement and on the development of personal skills, which enable children to work as part of a team when necessary.  We have a wide variety of P.E. equipment, which is used to help children to develop the skills they need in games, gymnastics and dance. This has been enhanced significantly recently with the funding that has been available from the P.E. grant funding.

As a school we have Healthy Schools Status and this was successfully reassessed in the summer term of 2014. We believe that good habits should be nurtured and developed throughout a child’s time with us, developing:

competitive spirits, performance skills, specific sports skills and techniques, fair play, encouragement, fitness for life and healthy and active lifestyles.

In order to deliver our high quality P.E. provision we have a specialist P.E./ sports coach leader who teaches P.E. from Year 1 to Year 6. This helps to ensure that there is quality progress and skills and experiences are appropriate for each year group and the ability of each child. In addition, having a specialist leader in P.E. and a multi-sports coach provides highly effective advice and training for all staff in overseeing high quality physical activity at break-times and excellence in specific coaching during extra-curricular sessions, clubs and tournaments. In addition, Years 4 and 5 are given specialist table tennis coaching during curriculum time by an England international sports coach.

The P.E. grant funding has enabled the school to enhance its provision for P.E. and physical activity in the curriculum (lesson times); at break times and during extra-curricular activities e.g. sports tournaments and extra-curricular clubs. 

We consider sport and physical activity to be a vitally important aspect of school life.  Our PE policy gives details of all physical education activities available. 

In summary our P.E. activities include:

  • an entitlement set out in accordance with the EYFS curriculum and the National Curriculum 2014
  • swimming in Yr 4 with specific ability certificates to work through and an end of year swimming gala
  • out of school time extra-curricular activities, including: fitness clubs, bootcamp (girls only), football club, rugby club, rounders club, netball club, table tennis club, dance (Glee) club, running club etc.
  • a residential, outdoor pursuit experience for Yr 6 pupils
  • inter-school competitions and a lengthy sports tournaments programme including specific sports tournaments and a football league of matches throughout the year
  • co-operative multi-activity sports days
  • a specialist table tennis club led by an England international sports coach, with a programme of skill certificates to work through.


Break times is utilised as an important opportunity for high quality physical activity. This includes: balance trails (FS and KS1); climbing apparatus (FS and KS1); penalty shoot (KS1); climbing wall (KS2); football court (KS2); basketball shoot (KS2) and balance tyres (KS2). There is also a variety of activities provided by our playground leaders which includes: skipping ropes, bats and balls, bean bags and hoops. These are overseen by Year 5 children in the FS/KS1 playground and Year 6 in the KS2 playground, who have specialist training delivered to them on a regular basis through the school’s healthy schools leader and behaviour support leader.

The P.E. grants have facilitated much of the above including: playground markings, climbing wall, table tennis coaching, table tennis tables, a variety of equipment for all our extra-curricular clubs and funding quality sports coaching, as appropriate.


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