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Showcasing PE

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The children in Nursery have been practicing their gross motor skills outside. They have been developing their strength, balance and co-ordination using the equipment such as the climbing frame, stepping stones, bikes and scooters. They have learnt to move in different ways including walking, running, sliding, climbing, crawling and pushing to name a few.


We begin our early PE skills in Reception with balances, hand-eye co-ordination and lots of jumping, skipping and hopping. Here we can see balancing with quoits on our heads and the use of tennis rackets  in our warm up games, listening to instructions is also an important part of PE in Reception.

Year 1

In Year One we continue our games topic with bat and ball lessons. These build upon those from Reception and prepare us for actual tennis games in KS2. Here we are using our hand-eye co-ordination to begin simple serves and landing the ball into our target hoops.

Year 2

Here we can see our Year Two children consolidating their half terms new PE knowledge with a celebration of skills session. These lessons give the children the chance to revisit their new learning of physical education skills that can be put into game situations. Many children will enjoy learning a new technique or activity and some will find that they are naturally gifted in areas of physical activity that they have never experienced before such as javelin or the hula hoop!

Year 3

Here we can see our Year Three children discovering new ways to practice previously taught skills. At Year 3 the children are introduced to game situations, bringing a competitive element to their physical education. This turns those vital skills such as hand-eye co-ordination or passing and dribbling into different ways of scoring goals or striking a ball in tennis or rounders.

Year 4

By Year Four the children have been introduced, in KS1, to all of the basic hand-eye co-ordination activities and games required to partake in invasion games. These skills can then be transferred into full games such as the tag rugby seen here. These children have mastered the skills so well that they have been chosen to represent the school at a local tag rugby tournament held at Morley Rugby Club. The children are given the chance to re-visit learnt skills through fun training games in the morning, before a knock-out tournament in the afternoon.

Year 5

In Year 5 the children here can be seen intercepting the netball using their spatial awareness and knowledge of the game. The shoulder pass can be seen being used in order to beat an opponent. Other passes taught in netball include the bounce pass and chest pass. Later in the year some of the children will represent school at inter school netball tournaments, showcasing their talents and enthusiasm.

Year 6

These Year Six children can be seen practicing the 1930’s swing dance the Lindy Hop. Firstly led by the teacher, the children watch and listen carefully, before they try to recall, practice and finally perform the dance to other groups in the class accompanied by music. Help and guidance is given where needed through the term as by the end the children are expected to create their own interpretive dance in groups of their choosing. This will be watched by the other half of the class where the children will critically evaluate each other’s performance in order to improve and strengthen their work.