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Relationship and sex education (RSE) is an integral part of personal, social and health education (PSHE) and ensures that pupils receive the appropriate information, develop skills and explore attitudes at the time when they are able to best respond in order to grow in confidence with their bodies and their relationships.

RSE outcomes will also be addressed in other parts of the wider and national curriculum. For example, national curriculum science outcomes include naming body parts, understanding the human life cycle and human reproduction, and religious education includes work on families and values. Effective RSE is integrated across the curriculum but it is also important to deliver some identified SRE lessons so that pupils can learn about the human life cycle in the context of learning about themselves and their relationships.

A comprehensive RSE programme here at Seven Hills Primary School will ensure that our school meets these requirements. It is important that the content within the programme is age appropriate for pupils and that this is developed and built on as the pupils move up through the school.


Relationship and sex education Overview

Year 2

Girls and boys females and males

Humans and animals

Children learn:

• to understand and respect the differences between people

• about gender stereotypes

• about the biological differences between males and females

• about the key stages in the human life cycle


Year 4/5

Growing and changing


Children learn:

•about how we grow and change through the human life-cycle

•about the physical changes associated with puberty such as menstruation.

•how puberty can affect our emotions and behaviour and how to deal with this

•to feel able to ask and answer questions



Year 5/6

Building good relationships

Sexual relationships

Conception and pregnancy 

Children learn:

• what values are important to them in positive relationships

• about human reproduction in the context of the human life-cycle

• about how a baby is made and grows

• about the roles and responsibilities of carers and parents