Seven Hills Primary School

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At Seven Hills Primary School, we use the You, Me, PSHE scheme to ensure pupils have comprehensive and engaging opportunities to explore important themes which scaffold our pupils personal, social, health and economic understanding. The learning objectives and outcomes in each of the lesson plans are clear and precise with many opportunities for pupils to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills. These skills are built upon carefully each year whilst building independence, confidence and resilience. Our PSHE curriculum has been carefully mapped to fit alongside other areas of the curriculum and also allows relevant opportunities for the teaching of Mindmate sessions. Alongside Mindmate and the regular sessions taught within the timetable, over the year, pupils will have a visit from D:Side who encourage children to make positive and healthy life-choices whilst promoting pro-active attitudes to life. The Leeds Theatre in Education Company also perform and run workshops for KS2 tackling complex issues around health and wellbeing and offer a safe space for our older pupils to discuss safe relationships and stereotypes.