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Showcasing Maths

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Linking to Nurseries class book, I’m going on a bear hunt, the children explored positional language as they mustered the courage and went on their very own bear hunt in school!


Linked to their class novel, Tyrannosaurus Drip, the reception children worked in pairs and drew gigantic dinosaur footprints on the playground! They used meter rulers to measure and see how big their prints needed to be and they compared the different footprints.

Year 1

As part of our Maths topic on Measurement, Year 1 children measured the body parts of children in class. They ordered and compared the lengths to find the longest and the shortest body parts in class. The children had to ensure they were measuring accurately. 

Year 2

The year 2 children received a special letter from their magical friend, Dumbledore. Linked to their Maths learning on estimating and measuring volumes of liquid, they had to work as a group to carefully produce potions by measuring each ingredient and ensuring they put in the correct volume of liquid to make their potions work.

Year 3

In Year 3, children have been exploring the properties of 3D shapes. They learnt to recognize faces. edges and vertices before having a go at making their own 3D shapes using modelling materials. This modelling task enabled children to become more confident in identifying a variety of 3D shapes and their properties.



Year 4

The children in year 4 participated in the Times Table Bee competition where they had to recall and apply their times table knowledge rapidly and accurately.

Year 5

The children in year five learnt how to calculate fractions of an amount. They completed questions which involved them calculating how much of each ingredient was needed for a specific recipe. In relation to our topic ‘The Vikings’, the children in year five used and applied their measuring skills to bake Viking bread

Year 6

At Robin Wood, as part of the Quest, Dungeon of Doom and Pirranha Pool activities, the Year 6s had to work through and overcome a series of problems, often involving multiple number problems, code breaking exercises and 3D shape and number matrix puzzles. To do this, they needed brain power and physical skills, but most of all teamwork, sometimes involving small groups and other challenges with the whole group working together.