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Showcasing Geography

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As part of their work on ‘The Gruffalo’, Nursery have been using maps and globes to understand the world around them and have produced maps by ordering photographs of the mouse’s journey through the woods. Children have then progressed to using positional language when discussing their own maps of the mouse’s journey.


In Autumn term, Reception developed their understanding of the world by taking part in a field trip to Morley. Children investigated aspects of Human Geography such as housing and public transport and enhanced their locational knowledge of their home town. They made comparisons with the housing in their class novel ‘Hairy MacLary’ and used positional language when playing ‘hide and seek’ with Hairy MacLary in the outdoor provision.

Year 1

During their topic ‘Calling our World’, Year 1 have progressed their map work and locational knowledge from Foundation Stage whilst studying the fictional Isle of Struay and their home town of Morley. They have developed their use of geographical vocabulary when describing coastal features using aerial photography and produced their own maps of Struay; identifying the key physical and human features.

Year 2

In Year 2 children have been using a variety of maps, atlases and globes to progress their locational knowledge and geographical skills. They have been locating and learning the names of the seven continents and five oceans and considering the habitats of the wildlife located in these areas.

Year 3

Year 3 have enjoyed studying the rainforests of the world in Geography and developing an understanding and passion for environmental issues. They have used a globe and their place knowledge to identify the rainforests and name the various continents and countries that these are located in. They have produced detailed non-chronological reports about the layers of the rainforests, demonstrating an understanding of the similarities and differences between South America and the UK. They have then used their mapping skills to illustrate these onto a world map. 

Year 4

In Year 4, children have studied the Physical Geography of Africa, building on their knowledge of the River Nile from Year 3, and making links with river formation, the water cycle and their Science topic of ‘States of Matter’. Some children in Year 4 completed fieldwork at a local stream where they collected data to investigate the speed of the flowing water. They enjoyed a fabulous visit to Magna where they consolidated their learning of the four elements (earth, wind, fire and water).

Year 5

Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed studying the Scandinavian countries as part of their Viking topic. They have used the internet to research the Arctic Circle and gain an understanding of Daylight-Saving Hours. They have developed their place and location knowledge by mapping the Scandinavian countries and compared the human and physical geographical features of these countries. Year 5 were able to use this information to make detailed comparisons between Scandinavia and the UK.

Year 6

Year 6 have been studying volcanoes in Physical Geography. The have been using a variety of sources to research and discover information about wider world phenomena such as weather and natural disasters. They have developed an understanding of the physical features of a volcano and, through their writing, have demonstrated an understanding of the wider impact of an environmental event.