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 Showcasing French

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Year 3

Year 3 are enjoying the start of their learning journey in French and are discovering a love of language. They combined their knowledge of vocabulary from the topics, Numbers, Days of the week and Months of the year to create an interactive calendar that can be changed every day. 


  • Photographs show the children creating their calendars and showing their knowledge of written vocabulary for the topics Days of the week and Months of the Year. 


They have also learned that in French, the days of the week and months of the year do not have capital letters!  

Year 4


Year 4 enjoyed learning about clothing in their French lessons. They used their previous knowledge from the Colours topic in Year 3 to describe the items they were wearing and to showcase this by holding a fashion show.


  • Video clips – Children walking a catwalk and describing the items they are wearing and the colours of them.

Year 5


Children enjoyed reading a book written in French (Va-t’en, Grand Monstre) as an introduction to their topic The Body. They then created their own monster and used their previous learning of numbers and colours to describe and label them.


  • Photo 1 – A child reading the book Va-t’en, Grand Monstre.
  • Photo 2/3/4 – pictures of children creating their designs and describing and labelling them


Year 6

Year 6 Children enjoyed their topic of Buildings and Places in French. They were able to use maps to describe what they have in their town and also what they don’t have. They enjoyed filming each other having these conversations.


  • A Video clip of a selection of childrenDans ma Ville: Children showing maps of their town and describing what buildings their town has and also what it doesn’t have.

The children used maps of Leeds City Centre to help them describe what Leeds has or doesn’t have available to them.