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Computing E-Safety


E-Safety at Seven Hills
Our number one priority at Seven Hills Primary School is to ensure that our pupils are safe, happy and thriving in their education. To ensure we uphold this priority, we implement E-Safety in Computing as an essential part of our broad and balanced curriculum. In an ever-modernising world, it is essential that we arm children with a range of knowledge and resources that inform them of various ways of staying safe online.

D:Side- E-Safety Workshops
Often, we are paid a visit by the educational company, D:Side. D:Side provide our pupils with knowledge and support on how to stay safe online. Additionally, these experts provide children with various scenarios that may arise when they are online, such as what information should they share with others when online? Are people really who they say they are? Etc. The workshops are a stimulating and informative way of ensuring children understand the dangers that may arise in the online community.

E-Safety in the Curriculum
In Computing, we dedicated a half term to understand the various dangers that are involved when using online systems. As a result of this, an entire half term is used to inform pupils how they can be exposed to dangers in the online world and the actions they can do prevent any harm from coming to themselves. We tie this technological aspect of learning to our PSHE learning. Cyber-bullying can have severe damage on a child’s mental health therefore we teach them the ways in which cyber-bullying can affect them mentally and offer them support and guidance should they have been affected by cyber-bullying.


Here are some links to some useful websites for more information on how you can keep your child safe online: