Seven Hills Primary School

"A Place Where Everyone is valued"

Showcasing British Values



In Nursery building their skills in collaboration, working and playing together. Their friendships are developing as the play, while taking turns and sharing in a positive manner children are discovering we can achieve great things when we work together.


In Reception the children have been building understanding about why rules matter. They worked together to decide on the rules they should follow when visiting our woodland area in order to keep themselves, the creatures who live there and the environment safe.

Year 1

In year 1 the children have been learning out about the Islamic festival of Eid and how it is celebrated. The children investigated the clothing different people wear when celebrating festivals by looking at some traditional clothing from different parts of the world. They found that no matter what is being celebrated or by who we all like to look special when celebrating.

Year 2

The children in year 2 have been learning all about how different people, cultures and religions celebrate events. The have made Chinese inspired lanterns while finding about Chinese New Year. They have been sharing their own experiences and discovering that although the festivals and events we celebrate within our school and wider community may be different we still have a lot of things in common.

Year 3

In Year 3, we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians. As part of their daily life, we understand that farmers worked along the river Nile but when the Nile flooded each year, the farmers would turn their work to building the pyramids. We question whether they had a choice in this or whether they were instructed to do so by people who had a higher status in society at the time, eg the Pharaohs. We asked the children to think about society now and how laws have changed since the Ancient Egyptian times. If people can’t carry out their jobs now because of a factor outside of their control, would they be forced to work?

Year 4

In Year 4 children have been learning about the difficulties of life in South Africa during Apartheid. They have learnt the differences between a democracy and a dictatorship and how different life can be depending on how your home is ruled. The children have discussed some difficult topics maturely and produced some wonderful work about the importance of democracy and all having the chance to have our voices heard.

Year 5

In Year 5 children have been learning all about the Vikings. During their recent trip to Murton Park children had a chance to experience life in a Viking settlement first hand, taking on the different roles within the Viking social hierarchy. It gave them a chance to reflect on the individual liberty they all enjoy and how different life could be depending on your gender or social standing in that period of history.

Year 6

Children in Year 6 have been building on their existing knowledge of democracy by investigating how figures from history have influenced democracy in the countries they are from. They have discovered that the democratic society we live in has a lot in common with that of the Roman Empire.