Seven Hills Primary School

"A Place Where Everyone is valued"



On Thursday 1st April 2021, we are holding a sponsored Walk-a-thon celebration day. Children from Nursery to Year 6 will be taking part in a 20- minute sponsored walk to raise money for new scooter storage for the playground. This will allow children to scoot to and from school and have somewhere secure to leave their scooter during the day.

On this day, we will also be holding a tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore who inspired many of us through his incredible fundraising for the NHS charities. Children are invited to wear the colours of the UK flag for our walk-a-thon – red, white, blue for a £1 donation per family (additional to the sponsors) in tribute to the late Captain Sir Tom.

We will finish the day, with a celebration of our Seven Hills children who have been truly amazing during the lockdown with their learning. There will be a special ‘Top secret’ presentation for all of our learning heroes.

We look forward to a fabulous day of fundraising and celebrations.