PSHCE Curriculum

The PSHE Curriculum at Seven Hills.

What is PSHE?

PSHE is Personal, Social and Health Education, including SRE (Sex and Relationships Education) and Drug Education. Pupils may refer to this as SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning), or Circle Time.

PSHE is taught through whole class discussion, often in a circle; paired work; group work; role play; games which promote co-operation and some independent written/ illustrative work.

We use SEAL resources to form a large part of our PSHE curriculum. There are 7 SEAL themes which each Year group revisits each year. The themes are:

New Beginnings; Getting On and Falling Out; Say No to Bullying; Going for Goals; Good to be Me; Relationships and Changes.

There are 5 Social and Emotional Aspects of learning which are covered throughout the themes. These are Self-awareness, managing feelings, motivations, empathy and social skills.

It is important to develop these aspects of learning because:

  • They underlie almost every aspect of our lives.
  • They enable us to be effective learners.
  • They enable us to get on with other people.
  • They enable us to be responsible citizens.

Alongside the SEAL resources, we use additional modules from the Leeds Primary Scheme of work.

These modules are:

  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Friendships
  • Economic Wellbeing
  • Drug Education
  • Global dimensions (exploring and valuing other cultures; sustainability)
  • SRE



Drug Education

To deliver our Drug Education we use an outside provider called D:Side who deliver a lesson to each year group from FS2 to Y6 each year. Class teachers then build upon this starting point using the Leeds Primary Scheme of Work.

FS2- Different feelings & emotions / Taking care of our body / Medicine chat.

Year 1- How our body works / Healthy lunchboxes / Medicine chat / Exercise and rest.

Year 2- How we are different to our friends / How our body works / Being special.

Year 3- Smoking & effects on the body / What is in a cigarette / Passive Smoking.

Year 4- Alcohol & effects on the body / Alcoholic drinks.

Year 5- Solvents / Volatile Substances & effects on the body.

Year 6- Cannabis & effects on the body / Drug discussion.


Sex and Relationships Education.

The main part of our SRE curriculum takes place in Years 5 and 6 in the Summer Term. Until then, the focus is on positive relationships with friends and family; addressing worries and managing feelings.

In Year 5 pupils learn:

  • To know and understand features of physical and emotional development during puberty.
  • To manage emotions confidently and sensitively.
  • To identify and challenge gender stereotypes.
  • To know parts of the human body associated with reproduction.
  • To describe the menstrual cycle.

In addition to the year 5 learning objectives, Year 6 pupils also learn:

  • How to participate in positive relationships in a considerate and sensitive way.
  • To explore individual and moral issues and develop decision making skills based on critical thinking.
  • How to value respect and care for self and others.
  • To manage emotions and relationships, confidently and sensitively with self-respect and empathy.