The Governing Body and management of the school recognise the importance of training and development.  All staff, teaching and associate staff support the “attitude of determination and effort” philosophy and strive to improve their expertise and in so doing provide an improving school culture. 


The School Governing Body is responsible for the running of the school i.e. budget, staffing, internal maintenance of the building, resources and curriculum.

The Governing Body is made up of many members from different backgrounds and with different experiences.

Governors serve for a period of 4 years.    


Our Governing Body consists of:

Carrie Cheeseman - Chair of Governors

Shirley Varley - Vice Chair of Governors


Governors Sub Committees 2017-18


Resources committee

Neil Dawson (Chair), Richard Catherall, Carrie Cheeseman, Rachael Hughes, Sarah Crossland.

Teaching and Learning committee

Colin Jordan (Chair), Gill Turner, Richard Catherall, Claire Plunkett, Susan Redfearn.

Pupil Support committee

Shirley Varley (Chair), Richard Catherall, Jayne Rowe, Katy Earnshaw.

HT Performance Management

Carrie Cheeseman, Jayne Rowe, Rachael Hughes.

Appeals panel

Colin Jordan, Gill Turner, Shirley Varley.


Governor roles and responsibilities


Safefguarding to include attendance, CP and CLA: Jayne Rowe.

Sports/Complaints handling: Carrie Cheeseman.

Special Educational Needs (SEND) : Claire Plunkett

Pupil premium to Include SPAG: Rachael Hughes

Equalities including British Values: Shirley Varley.

Performance Data/Reading: Colin Jordan

Finance data:Neil Dawson 

EYFS to include transition to Y1: Gill Turner 

Mental Health and well Being: Katy Earnshaw

Health and Safety: Sarah Crossland 

Pupil premium to include intervention impact: Susan Redferarn


As part of our schools ongoing development, we aim to improve the links and relationship between pupils and the governing body.

In order to do so as successfully as possible, we would like to continue our ‘Buddy System’ in which governors will be attached to a specific phase. Buddies may exchange Christmas cards or visit during productions or class assemblies etc.


Foundation Stage 1 Gill Turner

Foundation Stage 2 Shirley Varley

Year 1 Claire Plunkett

Year 2 Rachael Hughes

Year 3 Carrie Cheeseman

Year 4 Colin Jordan

Year 5 Neil Dawson

Year 6 Jayne Rowe


Business interests, Financial interests or Governance of other school declaration:

Gillian Turner- Pippins Nursery

Rachael Hughes- Father owns flooring business

Neil Dawson- Pensions Manager. Member of LCC and Morley Town Council

Maureen Webb- Daughter teaches at the school.

Shirley Varley- Governor at Fountain Primary School and Member of LCC.